About Us

Art for Art’s sake certainly; Art as a perfect form and discovery of Beauty; but also Art for the soul’s sake, the spirit’s sake and the expression of all that the soul, the spirit wants to seize through the medium of beauty.

– Sri Aurobindo

About Auro Kalakriti

Auro Kalakriti is an initiative to express the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo in the form of Art and Crafts with an aspiration to offer itself at the service of the Divine. This small scale industry has started its journey to radiate the divine vibration through its artistic products.


We bring to you exclusive pieces of hand-painted t-shirts, kurtas, table cloths, screens, sling bags, shopping bags, handkerchiefs,  sarees, dupattas, stoles, clay jewellery, key rings, cards, bookmarks, wooden coasters, bottles, embroidery materials, framed or non-framed art pieces, canvas paintings, illustrative story books, silver and gold jewellery along with home decoration items such as hand-painted stones, pebbles, incense holder and wall-hangings etc.


Yes, most of us appreciate beauty in our life-style. Beauty in work, beauty of action, beauty in appearance, beauty of soul… Here is a place which offers you exclusive artistic piece of materials to add beauty in your life. Not only beauty, but a consciousness that has the power to connect you with your higher self if you would be able to receive the living vibration emanating from it. It is high time to become an expression of pure and harmonious beauty.

Auro Kalakriti - It all started with a dream – a dream to express beauty in our lives.

Our Goals & Vision

1.    To express the Beauty which puts us in contact with the Divine
2.    To create Art as an expression of the soul
3.    To work as an offering to the Divine
4.    Our aim is Perfection; not profit
5.    To aid in the sustainability of a gnostic soceity which will live only for the Divine
6.    The profit received will be used for the sake of the Divine as Sri Aurobindo says, “Money represents a great power of life which must be conquered for divine uses. Therefore you must have no attachment to it but also no disgust or horror of it. ”

7.    When the current business world is based upon falsehood, it will be a little effort to make it transparent and in line with truth. 
8.    Our foremost goal is to add true consciousness into the products. 
9.    It's the joy of working for the Divine which will bring the uniqueness and is our primary motivation.


Eager to Forge Ahead

Auro Kalakriti is a wing of Eager to Forge Ahead. Eager To Forge ahead is a platform that provides an opportunity to prepare ourselves for the new race by breaking the shackles of the past, taking a leap towards a luminous future which can only be done, as the Mother says by a complete transformation of human consciousness and that alone can bring a permanent solution to everything.